Rapper Rittz opens up about meeting up with Yelawolf after his manager set up a meeting, which led to them working on Yelawolf’s “Trunk Muzik” mixtape. He also explains the meaning behind his “White Jesus” mixtape, and reveals what it was like being a white rapper from the South while also dating a black girl.

Rittz is tired. Or he was tired. He’s slouched in a chair in the hotel’s lobby, a Bulleit bourbon in hand, his frizzy red hair tumbling out a black stocking hat after getting up from a nap. Here’s why: since getting into New York to promote the release of his Strange Music debut album, The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant, he’s been everywhere. Listening parties for N.O.R.E. and himself, interviews with Vibe, B.E.T. and “Sway In The Morning,” and tons of other appearances

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